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Screen Shots


No. Symbol Description

1st matrix

A matrix as a first operand


A operator, which include add, subtract, product, inverse and transpose

2nd  matrix

A matrix as a second operand

output matrix

A result matrix of matrix operation(Simultaneous equations)

[row X column]

display the size of each matrix

status field

The region which display the status of processing, error, exceptions and show determinant of inverse matrix

Clear Button

Clear each matrix and initialize it.


Selection box which include all of the operators.

Run Button

Run calculating process.

Stop button

Quit a current running process. You can quit calculating process immediately whenever you want to stop current running process

Clear button

Clear all data displayed on this applet window

Sample Button

Various sample data of matrices will be shown. You can test the simultaneous equations with it. It help you to be accustomed in usage of this tool.


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